Skandika Home 500 1087 Vibration Plate Review

Skandika Home 500 Vibration Plate Review

Which vibration plate should you buy? So many options to choose among! Each product comes within a specific price range and has its characteristics.

If you’re looking for a small design and a relatively affordable exercise machine, then please read our Skandika Home 500 review.

Skandika Home 500 ReviewSeveral features set Skandika Home 500 1087 Vibration Plate apart from other products on the market.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at its technical specifications and the best characteristics of the machine.

Does the Skandika 500 Work?
The minimalist design is great for a small gym, a home office or even for use in corporate settings. One of the cool features that Skandika 500 has is a non-slip surface. We’ll get to the importance of this feature in a minute.

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All vibration plates work by vibrating or oscillating (or doing both). The vibrations make theSkandika Home 500 surface unstable, forcing various muscles to contract.

This is how the person standing on the machine keeps themselves in the upright position.

Vibration plates are great for toning the core muscles. They also improve posture, strengthen the muscles and can be used to lose weight.

Skandika Home 500 1087 Vibration Plate is great for both beginners and people that already have some experience with vibration plates.

As already mentioned, there’s a non-slip coating that increases the stability of the person using the machine.

Even individuals that are using a vibration plate for the very first time will be happy with the ease of maintaining their balance on Skandika 500.

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Main Advantages
The vibration plate has a couple of wonderful advantages that have been mentioned in multiple customer testimonials:

  • Direct drive propulsion system: this system delivers triaxial vibrations (side to side, up andSkandika 500 Vibration Plate down and forward and back). Skandika calls it a 3D system but this is definitely the most powerful option and the one that delivers the fastest results.
  • It comes fully assembled: since this is a smaller piece than many other vibration plates, Skandika Home 500 1087 Vibration Plate comes fully assembled. You can literally take it out of the box and begin working out immediately.
  • Speed and intensity controls: as already mentioned, the vibration plate is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes (according to the manufacturer, the German football team uses the plate to exercise). There are four programs that modify the vibration intensity.
  • Training straps are available: additional training straps are provided with Skandika 500. These may increase the stability a bit and they’re also great for doing effective upper body workouts.
  • LCD screen and remote: both an LCD screen and a remote are available for setting Skandika Vibration Plate Reviewadjustments. Many people that bought the exercise machine liked the remote control because it allows for adjustments while a person is standing on the vibration plate.
  • Pre-programmed workouts available: beginners will certainly benefit from the available pre-programmed workouts. These can be modified and Skandika 500 also comes with an option for recording your own exercise settings and using those later on.
  • Lightweight and small: Skandika Home 500 1087 Vibration Plate has a weight of solely 14.5 kilograms. It’s compact and can be moved around easily.

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A Few Shortcomings
Most customer testimonials are overwhelmingly positive. Just a couple of shortcomings need to be mentioned for a comprehensive review:

  • No workout instructions or exercise suggestions provided: you’ll only get the Skandika 500 manual and no exercise DVD. For some people who are just getting started with vibration plates, this is somewhat of a deal breaker.
  • Noisy: despite the rubberised pad, the vibration plate isn’t the quietest one in terms of functioning.
  • Very strong vibrations: the advanced exercise setting comes with very powerful vibrations that some people didn’t feel comfortable with.

Skandika 500 ReviewThey say that great things come in small packages and Skandika Home 500 1087 Vibration Plate proves the claim.

Very powerful for its small size, this exercise machine is great for those that want to strengthen their muscles and for individuals that are looking forward to losing some weight.

Skandika 500 comes with an excellent price to quality ratio. It belongs to the lower price range, yet it brings some advanced features to the table.

The shortcomings aren’t that many and if you don’t need exercise suggestions, you’ll probably be very happy with the machine. Stable and easy to use, Skandika 500 gets definite thumbs up!

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