Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 400 Review

Medicarn Eco Stability Series 400

The Medicarn 400 series vibration plate is the perfect machine for people that want to shape up their body but have just a little bit of time available for such activities. The exercise principle is simple.

Vibro trainers have an oscillating plate that vibrates fast, causing all the muscles to contract rapidly. Vibration trainers exercise all body parts simultaneously and just a couple of minutes will be sufficient for a complete workout.

medicarn vibration plate 400 series

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Medicarn 400 is one of the best products that the market has to offer. The company is a leader and an innovator in the world of vibration trainer medicarn vibration plate 400manufacture.

Medicarn has been on the market since 2004 and it has patented devices that guarantee stability and noise-free functioning of the machines.

Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 400 Main Characteristics

This vibration trainer by Medicarn has a patented base and support bars for stability. This is a professional series workout machine, which means that it will deliver gym quality in the comfort of your own home.

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Some of the most important technical characteristics of the piece are:

  • Streamlined design and ergonomic construction for a better workout and a more elegant appearance of the machine.
  • Extra-large LED display that provides information about speed, time and current body fat percentage.
  • NEW Eco-Stability Drive for energy-efficient, consistent workout.
  • Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design.
  • 8 built-in workout programs.
  • 10 minute programs.
  • Wide range speeds to accommodate different workout options, 1-99.
  • Silver coloured dual steel frame.
  • High quality energy-efficient electric motor with very quiet, delivering a smooth workout able to drive maximum user weight of 150kg.
  • Overload current protector.
  • Anti-jamming and Anti-Static.
  • 1000 watts using the NEW Medicarn, energy-saving technology.

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Advantages – Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 400:

The machine is slightly more expensive than other options on the marketMedicarn Power Vibration Plate Eco Stability Series 400 but the higher price is 100 percent worth it.

This vibration plate trainer provides for a highly efficient and safe workout.

It has different exercise modes and speeds that let you change the intensity of the exercise at any time.

Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 400 delivers professional results and this is the most important benefit of the piece.

Here are several major pros that you will enjoy, if you decide to purchase the Medicarn vibro trainer:

  • Exceptionally quiet motor, unlike the majority of vibration plate trainers.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and detailed assembly and workout instructions.
  • Variety of speeds and workout options.
  • The design increases stability and the machine is relatively heavy, which is another important factor for a better workout.
  • Medicarn is one of the best brands and it delivers professional quality. At the same time, its products are affordable.

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Some Cons to Keep in Mind
Although Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 400 is an excellent piece of equipment, it has some shortcomings. The size of the machine is one of the biggest problems, especially if you are the owner of a relatively small apartment. The main disadvantages are:

  • Large and bulky.
  • The motor is quite powerful, which means that it will use a lot of electricity.
  • Although there are different modes, the workout is limited to 10 minutes.
  • The vibration trainer is difficult to move around and reposition.

What Buyers Have to Say about It?
Medicarn Power Vibration Plate Eco Stability Series 400The vast majority of Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 400 buyers is absolutely content with the purchase and the workout results.

The trainer delivers precisely what it promises – a gym-quality workout at an affordable price.

According to one of the buyers, “it is quiet, [it] has an excellent range of speeds, the assembly was surprisingly easy… After just over a week’s usage my calves and thighs are already more toned.”

Medicarn is a big name in the world of vibration plate trainers and if you want professional results, you can definitely rely on the company’s experience and technological innovations.

The Medicarn Vibration Plate Series 400 is an excellent piece of equipment that will let you lose weight and tone your body at home.

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