The JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate Review

JTX Salon-Fit-S2 vibration plate review

Is the JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate Right for You?

Have you decided that you want a vibration plate for your home gym? You’ll definitely benefit from the purchase of the machine.

It delivers intense workouts that bring results much faster than other types of gym equipment. The good news is that you have many wonderful vibration plates to choose among. JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is one of them.

The following JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate review will help you figure out if JTX Salon Fit S2 is the best vibration plate for you by presenting its technical specifications, advantages and most prominent shortcomings.

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Does it Work?
JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate has a powerful motor that produces intense oscillations. As aJTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate Review result, the vibration plate works in a wonderful way.

It forces many muscles to contract at the same time. Few other machines are capable of delivering a similarly intense full-body workout.

The 500-watt vibration motor is powerful enough to address the needs of even the toughest workout enthusiasts. In addition, the machine is equipped with a 1,500-watt oscillation motor.

JTX Salon Fit S2 has 99 speed setting. This means that beginners, intermediate exercises and professionals will find the setting that will be just right for their individual needs.

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Main Advantages
This is a high quality piece of workout equipment that’s designed for at-home use. By choosing this machine, you’re going to enjoy a vast range of crucial benefits:

  • Both oscillation and vibration are available: the vibrating effect of the plate is the one that can be used to accomplish weight loss. The oscillations strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and massage the tense parts of the body. All that you have to do is choose the mode that will correspond to your goal at the moment.
  • Easy controls: the controls are located on the handles, as well as the main control panel for added convenience and ease of use.
  • Handles are available: additional handles are available to increase the effectiveness of JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Reviewupper body workouts.
  • JTX training guide included in the kit: the JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate comes with the company’s training guide. The guide features a range of weight loss, cellulite loss and toning programs. The software package that’s also included in the kit can be used for the personalization of the programs, making them much better suited to your individual fitness goals. In total, there are three beginner programs and six customisable programs in the package.
  • Very beautiful in appearance: JTX Salon Fit S2 is a good looking machine. It will look spectacular in just about every home gym. Solid and built of quality materials, the vibration plate is durable and sleek.
  • Both vibration frequency and time can be adjusted: the vibration frequency can be increased or decreased in single increments. The time can be increased or decreased in five second increments to make workouts more challenging or bring down the intensity.
  • Silent: though the two JTX Salon Fit S2 motors are very powerful, they both perform silently.

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A Few Shortcomings
This is a gym-quality machine and as such, it delivers a stellar performance. The shortcomings are just a few:

  • Expensive: in comparison to other vibration plates, JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is quite expensive. If you can’t dedicate a big budget to the purchase of fitness equipment, you’ll have to look for something else.
  • Difficult to move around: the vibration plate is bulky and heavy. It doesn’t have wheels and as such, it will be very difficult to move around. The machine is mainly suitable for a bigger home gym where it will stay in the same position.

JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is a wonderful machine that will give you the results you’re JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Reviewhoping for.

Sleek, beautiful and powerful, this vibration plate can be used to accomplish a range of fitness goals.

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, you’ll probably want to skip this model. The machine is definitely worth every pound but it can still be unaffordable for some individuals and families.

This is probably the only big shortcoming worth mentioning. Everything else about JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is spectacular and the customer reviews prove it.

The overwhelming majority of individuals that gave this vibration plate a try was more than pleased with the ease of use and the effectiveness.

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