JTX 6000 High Power Vibration & Oscillation Plate Review

jtx 6000 vibration plate

The JTX 6000 sounds too good to be true?

A machine that exercises nearly all muscle groups without requiring serious effort on behalf of the individual using it!

This is the premise behind the creation of the vibration plate. This machine has become a huge hit lately because it is characterised as a passive form of exercise.

Many experts agree that vibration exercise has many benefits, some even exceeding the results of traditional workouts (when it comes to bone density and circulation improvements, for example).

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The JTX 6000 is one of the popular vibration machines created for use at home. If you’reJTX 6000 interested in passive exercise, you’ve certainly seen this option.

Is this vibration plate a good one and is it worth purchasing? The following JTX 6000 vibration plate review will help you figure out.

Does It Really Work?
The JTX 6000 high power vibration and oscillation plate provides two types of vibration.

The high intensity vibration is great for exercising and toning your body. The oscillations are suitable for both weight loss and cellulite control. These two functions distinguish the machine from other options on the vibration exercise market.

Individuals that want to get the highest intensity and the fastest results can combine vibration and oscillation in the same workout.

Now that the theory behind this machine has been examined, it’s time to see whether these features deliver any actual benefits.

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Users that have bought and tried the vibration plate are generally happy with its effectiveness.JTX 6000 vibration plate Most individuals did 10 to 15-minute sessions several times per week.

In a couple of months, they saw some weight loss and a change in body shape.

After standing for 10 minutes on the machine, users had the feeling of completing an intense full-body workout.

The machine is sturdy and it can support weight of up to 150 kilograms. It’s suitable for use by seniors and individuals that can’t do intense exercises because of trauma.

In fact, its toning and strengthening results can reduce the symptoms of trauma like pain and stiffness.

Here are some of the JTX 6000 most important characteristics that make the machine a good option for passive exercise:

  • Two types of vibrations that work together to deliver optimal fitness results.
  • There are 99 different speed settings that can be used to control the intensity of the vibrations and oscillations.
  • The machine has several custom programmes that can be used to accomplish a particular fitness goal or it can be controlled manually.
  • It can easily compare to vibration plates used in professional gyms.

Main Advantages
Several great features turn this vibration plate in a wonderful addition to every home gym:

  • Sturdy and made of quality materials: though it’s a bit heavy, this machine is very stablejtx 6000 and it is made of quality materials. That’s the main reason why it can support weight of up to 150 kilograms.
  • Very silent: the individual that’s working out on the vibration plate can easily carry out a conversation without having to shout. The machine functions silently and it doesn’t disturb the activities of household members.
  • Both of the regimes work: both the vibrations and the oscillations can be used to get into better shape. One of the options leads to weight loss and the other one strengthens the muscles.
  • A lot of information on manufacturer’s website: the JTX website features a lot of information about each one of the company’s machines, as well as about the best ways to use those.

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A Few Shortcomings
Though it has many amazing features, JTX 6000 vibration plate does miss the mark in a few ways:

  • Very big: the machine is both heavy and big. It’s not the best option for a tiny home gym.
  • It can’t be placed everywhere: the weight and the powerful vibrations of the machine make it unsuitable for placement just about anywhere in the house. The machine can be placed on a ground floor or in the basement.
  • Not foldable: the placement of the vibration plate will be permanent. It can’t be folded and put aside for storage when you’re not using it.

JTX 6000 Conclusion

It delivers precisely what it promises. The vibration plate is functional and very effective, whether you want to lose some weight or you’re interested in giving your muscles a better definition.

The vast majority of customer reviews contain positive information. Nearly everyone was happy with the effectiveness of the machine and its ability to deliver exactly what the manufacturer promises.

A few problems stem from the weight and the method of functioning. If you have a bigger home gym and you place the vibration plate in the right spot, you’ll experience whatsoever no problems.

JTX 6000 Review

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