Office Fitness SilentDrive Vibration Plate Review

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Vibration plates are quite different from each other and each machine comes with its unique characteristics. Office Fitness SilentDrive Vibration Plate is a best-seller because of several cool characteristics that the product has.

The vibration plate is great for short and effective sessions. It’s perfect for the individuals that lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle and don’t like doing lengthy workouts. Here’s how it gets results and what makes this product unique.

Does it Really Work?
All vibration plates do the same basic thing. They vibrate rapidly and as a result, the person standing on the plate doesn’t have a lot of stability. Numerous muscles need to contract, which tones the entire body.

The SilentDrive exercise machine is no exception. With a number of speed options andOffice Fitness SilentDrive Vibration Plate Review powerful vibrations, this machine is perfect for the individuals that would like to lose some weight.

It also strengthens the muscles, speeds up the metabolic response and improves circulation.

The amplitude is from zero to 10 millimetres and there are speed ranges from one to 80. Thus, the vibration plate is the perfect home gym addition for people that are just getting started with a fitness routine and the ones that already have some experience.

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Main Advantages
Buying Office Fitness SilentDrive Vibration Plate will enable you to enjoy a range of wonderful benefits:

  • Powerful: the power output of the motor is 500W and it’s an oscillating variety. Individuals that gave the vibration plate a try report that the vibrations are powerful enough to cause muscle contractions and contribute to effective weight loss.
  • Silent: the silent drive motor makes this vibration plate much more silent than many other types of home gym equipment. If you live with other people and you wouldn’t like to disturb them during the workouts, you’ll be pleased with the machine.
  • Short workout sessions: only 10-minute workout sessions will be needed on a daily basis to start getting results.
  • A DVD with exercises is provided: many people don’t realise that vibration plates can beOffice Fitness SilentDrive Vibration Plate Review used in numerous ways. This is the main reason why the SilentDrive exercise machine is provided with an exercise DVD. It’s ideal for beginners and for people who would like to diversify their routine.
  • Sturdy and well-designed: the plate is made of quality materials and most buyers report that it’s quite sturdy. Because of the quality construction and design, Office Fitness SilentDrive Vibration Plate can support user weight of up to 120 kilograms.
  • Affordable: this effective gym machine is much more affordable than some of the other high quality vibration plates on the market.
  • A remote control is available: the remote control makes it easier to adjust settings and speeds without having to get off the machine.
  • Lightweight: if you have a small home gym, this machine will be perfect for you. Its weight is only 16 kilograms. This means that the vibration plate can be taken out, used for an exercise and then stored away to make some room available.

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A Few Shortcomings
Though it has gotten predominantly positive reviews from buyers, the SilentDrive exercise machine has a couple of shortcomings that need to be mentioned:

  • No handles: for some beginners, the availability of handles is essential because these provide some additional support. Though starting at a lower speed may compensate for the lack of support, some still feel uncomfortable with this minimalist design.
  • No preset workout modes: some machines come with specific modes and a bigger number of controls. This vibration plate only enables speed controls. If you’re looking for more versatility, this isn’t the vibration plate for you.

Vibration plates are basic pieces of equipment that get the job done. This is one of the main reasons why their popularity has grown over the past few years.

If you live a sedentary lifestyle or you want to get a machine that will break up your officeOffice Fitness SilentDrive routine, Office Fitness SilentDrive Vibration Plate will be ideal for you.

Its minimalist design doesn’t require a lot of space. At the same time, the vibration plate does exactly what some bulkier and bigger models have to offer.

Easy to use and cost-efficient, the SilentDrive exercise machine will be a nice addition to every home gym. An important thing to remember is that the workouts it delivers are intense.

Only 10 minutes per day will be needed to get results. If you don’t like lengthy exercise sessions, considering getting this machine for yourself and your family.

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