The JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate Review

Is the JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate Right for You?

Have you decided that you want a vibration plate for your home gym? You’ll definitely benefit from the purchase of the machine.

It delivers intense workouts that bring results much faster than other types of gym equipment. The good news is that you have many wonderful vibration plates to choose among. JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is one of them.

The following JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate review will help you figure out if JTX Salon Fit S2 is the best vibration plate for you by presenting its technical specifications, advantages and most prominent shortcomings.

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Does it Work?
JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate has a powerful motor that produces intense oscillations. As aJTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate Review result, the vibration plate works in a wonderful way.

It forces many muscles to contract at the same time. Few other machines are capable of delivering a similarly intense full-body workout.

The 500-watt vibration motor is powerful enough to address the needs of even the toughest workout enthusiasts. In addition, the machine is equipped with a 1,500-watt oscillation motor.

JTX Salon Fit S2 has 99 speed setting. This means that beginners, intermediate exercises and professionals will find the setting that will be just right for their individual needs.

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Main Advantages
This is a high quality piece of workout equipment that’s designed for at-home use. By choosing this machine, you’re going to enjoy a vast range of crucial benefits:

  • Both oscillation and vibration are available: the vibrating effect of the plate is the one that can be used to accomplish weight loss. The oscillations strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and massage the tense parts of the body. All that you have to do is choose the mode that will correspond to your goal at the moment.
  • Easy controls: the controls are located on the handles, as well as the main control panel for added convenience and ease of use.
  • Handles are available: additional handles are available to increase the effectiveness of JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Reviewupper body workouts.
  • JTX training guide included in the kit: the JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate comes with the company’s training guide. The guide features a range of weight loss, cellulite loss and toning programs. The software package that’s also included in the kit can be used for the personalization of the programs, making them much better suited to your individual fitness goals. In total, there are three beginner programs and six customisable programs in the package.
  • Very beautiful in appearance: JTX Salon Fit S2 is a good looking machine. It will look spectacular in just about every home gym. Solid and built of quality materials, the vibration plate is durable and sleek.
  • Both vibration frequency and time can be adjusted: the vibration frequency can be increased or decreased in single increments. The time can be increased or decreased in five second increments to make workouts more challenging or bring down the intensity.
  • Silent: though the two JTX Salon Fit S2 motors are very powerful, they both perform silently.

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A Few Shortcomings
This is a gym-quality machine and as such, it delivers a stellar performance. The shortcomings are just a few:

  • Expensive: in comparison to other vibration plates, JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is quite expensive. If you can’t dedicate a big budget to the purchase of fitness equipment, you’ll have to look for something else.
  • Difficult to move around: the vibration plate is bulky and heavy. It doesn’t have wheels and as such, it will be very difficult to move around. The machine is mainly suitable for a bigger home gym where it will stay in the same position.

JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is a wonderful machine that will give you the results you’re JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Reviewhoping for.

Sleek, beautiful and powerful, this vibration plate can be used to accomplish a range of fitness goals.

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, you’ll probably want to skip this model. The machine is definitely worth every pound but it can still be unaffordable for some individuals and families.

This is probably the only big shortcoming worth mentioning. Everything else about JTX Salon-Fit-S2 Vibration Plate is spectacular and the customer reviews prove it.

The overwhelming majority of individuals that gave this vibration plate a try was more than pleased with the ease of use and the effectiveness.

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JTX Pro-10: Tri-Plane Vibration Plate Review

Vibration plates are an excellent piece of equipment for a home gym because they exercise just about every part of the body.

Many people are looking for such machines and companies have responded to the demand by manufacturing their own vibration plates. Needless to say, no two models are created equal.

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JTX Pro 10 is a popular pick. Several characteristics set this workout machine apart. The following comprehensive review will acquaint you with its technical specifications, biggest pros and most commonly experienced shortcomings.

JTX-Pro-10 Vibration Plate Review

Does the JTX Pro 10 Really Work?

JTX Pro-10: Tri-Plane Vibration Plate tones and strengthens the muscles and it improves circulation at the same time. According to the manufacturer’s website, the effects of a 60-minute exercise session can be obtained in just 15 minutes.

The JTX Pro 10 has a vibration frequency in the range from 30 to 50Hz per second, which is why it’s supposed to deliver such spectacular results.

In essence, vibration plates oscillate rapidly and make the muscles contract. The surface is JTX-Pro-10 Reviewunstable and to maintain their balance, the machine’s user will have to engage a vast array of muscle groups. This is how a single machine can be used to exercise the entire body.

The intensity of the exercise is high and this is the main reason why vibration plates can be used to promote weight loss, strengthen the core muscles, reduce cellulite and increase muscle strength.

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Main Advantages
JTX Pro-10: Tri-Plane Vibration Plate has multiple advantages that other machines are missing. The most important benefits linked to giving this vibration plate a try include the following:

  • Vibration output can be controlled: the machine can be used by people that are in a good physical shape and the ones that are just getting started. Vibrations can be controlled and adjusted in 1Hz increments.
  • Change in amplitude is also possible: users can choose between low and high amplitude options (two to four millimetres range of movement).
  • Tiny design: the vibration plate is great for a smaller home gym. The size of the entireJTX Pro-10: Tri-Plane Vibration Plate machine is small, while the plate itself is sufficiently big to allow for more comfortable workouts.
  • Very powerful: the vibrations are powerful enough to deliver results within 15 minutes per day. Many individuals that bought and used JTX Pro 10 on a daily basis saw both weight loss and a noticeable improvement in circulation.
  • Tri-plane action: as the name indicates, this is a tri-plane action machine. The tri-plane vibrations are side to side, up and down and forward and back. These three planes force more muscles to contract, making the machine tough and effective.
  • Power straps and dynamic resistance cables available: to make workouts more challenging and produce better arm and upper body toning results, the machine comes with straps and resistance cables.
  • Remote control available: a remote control is available on top of the control panel for easy change of settings.

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A Few Shortcomings
Most people that bought JTX Pro-10: Tri-Plane Vibration Plate are very happy with the effectiveness of the machine. Just a couple of shortcomings get mentioned in some of the buyer testimonials:

  • The machine is a bit heavy: with a weight of 75 kilograms, JTX Pro 10 is on the heavier side. Once it gets placed in the home gym, the vibration plate will be difficult to move around.
  • Expensive: because of its gym quality and effectiveness, this vibration plate is on the expensive side. If you’re looking for an optimal price to quality ratio, however, you’re going to be happy with what you’re getting.

JTX Pro-10 Vibration PlateIf you’re looking for a high end vibration plate and you’re willing to dedicate a bigger budget to the purchase, JTX Pro-10: Tri-Plane Vibration Plate will be perfect for you.

Very powerful and provided with a number of adjustment options, the vibration plate is certain to give you results.

The machine is perfect for beginners and for people who are already in a good shape. Additional contraptions are available to increase the effectiveness of specific workouts.

As a result, this is a great machine delivering whole body workouts. Anyone who wants to lose weight, build stronger muscles, strengthen their core and improve their posture will be happy with the results.

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JTX 6000 High Power Vibration & Oscillation Plate Review

The JTX 6000 sounds too good to be true?

A machine that exercises nearly all muscle groups without requiring serious effort on behalf of the individual using it!

This is the premise behind the creation of the vibration plate. This machine has become a huge hit lately because it is characterised as a passive form of exercise.

Many experts agree that vibration exercise has many benefits, some even exceeding the results of traditional workouts (when it comes to bone density and circulation improvements, for example).

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The JTX 6000 is one of the popular vibration machines created for use at home. If you’reJTX 6000 interested in passive exercise, you’ve certainly seen this option.

Is this vibration plate a good one and is it worth purchasing? The following JTX 6000 vibration plate review will help you figure out.

Does It Really Work?
The JTX 6000 high power vibration and oscillation plate provides two types of vibration.

The high intensity vibration is great for exercising and toning your body. The oscillations are suitable for both weight loss and cellulite control. These two functions distinguish the machine from other options on the vibration exercise market.

Individuals that want to get the highest intensity and the fastest results can combine vibration and oscillation in the same workout.

Now that the theory behind this machine has been examined, it’s time to see whether these features deliver any actual benefits.

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Users that have bought and tried the vibration plate are generally happy with its effectiveness.JTX 6000 vibration plate Most individuals did 10 to 15-minute sessions several times per week.

In a couple of months, they saw some weight loss and a change in body shape.

After standing for 10 minutes on the machine, users had the feeling of completing an intense full-body workout.

The machine is sturdy and it can support weight of up to 150 kilograms. It’s suitable for use by seniors and individuals that can’t do intense exercises because of trauma.

In fact, its toning and strengthening results can reduce the symptoms of trauma like pain and stiffness.

Here are some of the JTX 6000 most important characteristics that make the machine a good option for passive exercise:

  • Two types of vibrations that work together to deliver optimal fitness results.
  • There are 99 different speed settings that can be used to control the intensity of the vibrations and oscillations.
  • The machine has several custom programmes that can be used to accomplish a particular fitness goal or it can be controlled manually.
  • It can easily compare to vibration plates used in professional gyms.

Main Advantages
Several great features turn this vibration plate in a wonderful addition to every home gym:

  • Sturdy and made of quality materials: though it’s a bit heavy, this machine is very stablejtx 6000 and it is made of quality materials. That’s the main reason why it can support weight of up to 150 kilograms.
  • Very silent: the individual that’s working out on the vibration plate can easily carry out a conversation without having to shout. The machine functions silently and it doesn’t disturb the activities of household members.
  • Both of the regimes work: both the vibrations and the oscillations can be used to get into better shape. One of the options leads to weight loss and the other one strengthens the muscles.
  • A lot of information on manufacturer’s website: the JTX website features a lot of information about each one of the company’s machines, as well as about the best ways to use those.

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A Few Shortcomings
Though it has many amazing features, JTX 6000 vibration plate does miss the mark in a few ways:

  • Very big: the machine is both heavy and big. It’s not the best option for a tiny home gym.
  • It can’t be placed everywhere: the weight and the powerful vibrations of the machine make it unsuitable for placement just about anywhere in the house. The machine can be placed on a ground floor or in the basement.
  • Not foldable: the placement of the vibration plate will be permanent. It can’t be folded and put aside for storage when you’re not using it.

JTX 6000 Conclusion

It delivers precisely what it promises. The vibration plate is functional and very effective, whether you want to lose some weight or you’re interested in giving your muscles a better definition.

The vast majority of customer reviews contain positive information. Nearly everyone was happy with the effectiveness of the machine and its ability to deliver exactly what the manufacturer promises.

A few problems stem from the weight and the method of functioning. If you have a bigger home gym and you place the vibration plate in the right spot, you’ll experience whatsoever no problems.

JTX 6000 Review

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