Gym Master Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Review

Vibration plates are increasingly becoming a popular product category. These have even been tested by NASA since the vibrations that stimulate the muscles are an excellent opportunity for aeronauts to overcome the muscle dystrophy associated to the lack of gravity.

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Gym Master’s Crazy Fit vibration machine is one of the quality optionsgym master vibration plate that the market has to offer. Several features set this vibration plate apart from other models.

The following Crazy Fit vibration plate review will acquaint you with the main characteristics and help you figure out
whether the machine is the right one for your workout needs.

Does Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Really Work?

This sturdy and relatively big machine is made of quality materials that guarantee its stability during a workout session.

The design is impeccable but one more big question remains – does the vibration plate really work in the way that it promises to?

Many of the individuals that bought the Crazy Fit vibration machine report that they’ve seen agym master crazy fit vibration plate review change in their body shape after using it consistently.

One of the reviewers who used the machine two to three times per week reported optimal results after several months.

It’s possible to change body position while the machine vibrates in order to tone different muscles.

The vibrations are strong enough to exercise nearly every major muscle group. Individuals that own the Crazy Fit vibration plate report that it tones the chest, arm, abdominal and leg muscles at the same time.

The vibration plate is even suitable for individuals that have experienced some trauma in the past and who are incapable of performing other types of exercises.

Some people that gave the machine a try even reported an improvement in the condition of injured knees and decreased pain as a result of the vibration workouts.

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The Crazy Fit vibration machine has several main characteristics that turn it in such an effective piece of workout equipment:

  • A very sturdy platform that can support workout enthusiasts having weight of up to 150 gym master vibration platekilograms
  • It can be used to burn fat and strengthen the muscles at the same time
  • There’s a touch-sensitive control panel that can be used to adjust the programme and to also monitor vital body signs like time, speed and body fat index

Biggest Advantages
To make this Crazy Fit vibration plate review comprehensive, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest advantages that machine owners present in their accounts:

  • Very easy to use, even for individuals that have some kind of trauma: the vibration plate doesn’t burden the knees, the back or the ankles. A suitable programme can be chosen, corresponding to personal preferences and required fitness outcomes.
  • Silent functioning: a relatively big machine, the Crazy Fit vibration plate has surprisingly silent functioning. It doesn’t interfere with the activities of other family members who can watch TV or carry out a conversation without being disturbed.
  • It can be used to get an energy boost: as it tones and strengthens the muscles, the machine produces weight loss results but it also guarantees an energy boost and it improves circulation.
  • Very easy to assemble: most buyers needed anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour to put the vibration plate together.
  • Age isn’t a barrier: individuals in their 50s and 60s haven’t had any problems using the vibration plate and as a result, they’ve gotten more energy and they feel stronger.

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The Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Shortcomings

Though it is an excellent piece of workout equipment designed for home use, the vibration plate has a couple of flaws that we need to discuss:

  • Relatively big: unlike other pieces of home gym equipment, this vibration plate is relatively vibration plate gymmasterbig. It measures 720 by 630 by 1210 millimetres.
  • Basic instructions for using the machine: some of the individuals that bought the machine found it difficult to understand the differences between the programmes and how to use the vibration plate in the best possible way.
  • Problems with the display: according to some buyers, the BMI sensor doesn’t always function. Some were disappointed in the type of information provided on the display and the manner in which this information was organised.

The Crazy Fit vibration plate does provide nearly gym quality in the comfort of your home. Vibration exercise is a wonderful possibility for toning and strengthening the muscles, even if you’re seriously out of shape.

Having a sturdy frame and a vast number of programmes, the Crazy Fit machine has gotten predominantly positive reviews. The machine is made of quality materials, it’s durable and effective. Despite a few shortcomings, this piece of exercise equipment is worth buying.

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Gym Master Slim Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Bluetooth Review 2016

The Bluetooth Slim Crazy Fit Vibration Plate

Vibration trainers became incredibly popular over the past few years because of the muscle toning that is condensed in just a few minutes per day.

This Crazy Fit vibration plate review will give you useful information2016 Slim Crazy Fit review about the machine’s main characteristics and the results that you can expect to achieve with it.

Gym Master Slim Crazy Fit Vibration Plate Main Characteristics

The Gym Master Vibration Plate can be used for just 10 minutes per day and it will deliver body toning and muscle strengthening results.
The machine has 80 vibration speed levels for you to choose among and three different workout programs.

blutooth crazyfit vibration plate

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A console provides essential information about the elapsed time, the vibration speed and level.

Bodi-Tek Power Vibration Bench Trainer comes with straps designed for upper body workout and a non-slip foot plate. The machine weighs 18 kilograms and is suitable for individuals that have weight of up to 120 kilograms.

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The Most Important Pros
This vibration training machine makes use of the so-called advanced whole-body vibrationGym master crazy fit technology (WVB) that causes most of the muscles to contract much faster than they would during regular exercise.

As a result, the vibration bench trainer delivers much better results in a very short period of time. Some of the main benefits you are going to enjoy include:

  • Tone, condition and strengthen the muscles
  • A variety of speeds and three different programs for you to choose among
  • Rapid muscle stimulation for great results in just 10 minutes per day
  • Console that provides information about the workout criteria
  • The machine is suitable for overall workouts that will strengthen all muscle groups
  • Easy assembly
  • Relatively noise-free functioning
  • Small size that facilitates the storage of the piece
  • Bluetooth Speaker

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The Gym Master Crazy Fit Vibration Plate reviews are mainly positive and most of the individualsslim crazy fit vibro plate that bought the machine were happy with the results.

One of the reviewers wrote: “I have had this product for 3 weeks now. I find it very good for short workouts, and back treatment.

Works on many muscles all over the body and stores away in corner of my lounge. Great stuff.”

Some Shortcomings
Unlike other vibration plate trainers, the Crazy Fit Vibration Trainer is a machine that has a bit more specific usage.

Here are some of the biggest shortcomings of this product:

  • Slightly expensive in comparison to other vibration trainers
  • It is a bench trainer and you will have to lay on the machine, in order to experience the vibrations
  • Will require getting used to, until you discover the best workout positions

2016 Slim Crazy Fit review

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What Results Can You Achieve with This Machine?
The Crazy Fit vibration plate machine can be used to tone the body and lose some weight but it has some more prominent workout advantages to keep in mind.

This type of machine has been used in professional sports rehabilitation over a long period of crazy fit vibration platetime. It can be used to enhance the results of stretching and to deal with back pain and stiffness resulting from medical issues or sedentary lifestyle.

According to some studies, the vibrating bench trainer can also be used to improve bone density and to maximize flexibility. These are health benefits that cannot be achieved through the use of other vibrating workout devices.

Despite the fact that the Gym Master Slim vibration plate demands some getting used to, you will benefit from an instructional DVD that provides2016 Slim Crazy Fit information about the best workout positions and the methods of enhancing the results of each session.

Gym Master Slim Crazy Fit Vibration Plate is a wonderful piece of equipment that is rather small in comparison to other oscillating machines and that still delivers great results.

When used properly, the machine will guarantee entire body workout and toning. In just 10 minutes per day, you will be getting the results of an hour-long exercise session.

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slim crazy fit vibro plates