Bslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration Plate Review

Bslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration Plate Review

Bslimmer Colours PLUS Vibro Plate by Medicarn

The trendy and colourful Bslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration Plate might look lightweight and fun, but it’s a serious piece of workout equipment. Available in a range of four vibrant shades, this can be a great addition to any home gym that needs versatile, space-saving equipment.

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The new Medicarn model comes with an improved design that provides better support, more flexibility and manyBslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration Plate Reviewadditional workout options.

The Bslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex adult vibration plate now also includes a separate workout DVD that covers a variety of different exercises, so learning how to use it is easy and fun. Bslimmer can be used by people of all ages and experience levels.

This model is designed to tone up the body, increase circulation, burn fat, promote balance and improve the overall health.

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Bslimmer Colours Plus Vibration Plate Features

  • 2500 rpm maximum speed
  • 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ input voltage
  • Wheels in the back of the support frame for easy transportation
  • Remote control
  • Extra power cords
  • Detachable support bars


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Choice of four colors (gold, white, pink, blue)
  • Can be used for a variety of exercises that target different areas of the body
  • 50 different levels provide many customisation options
  • Includes an instructional DVD with an impressive collection of effective Bslimmer vibration plate exercises
  • Back wheels make it easy to move the vibration plate anywhere in your home quickly
  • Remote control makes it convenient and easy to use
  • Power cords for a variety of exercises are included
  • Detachable support bars for storage and workout flexibility
  • Design is well-built and sturdy

Bslimmer Colours PLUS


  • You need to have storage space for the actual unit as well as extra space for a wider range of movement
  • You can get some back pain if you don’t use it correctly
  • Can make a lot of noise
  • Some assembly is required (tools and instructions included)
  • Results are gradual

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Should You Buy the Bslimmer Colours PLUS Vibration Plate?

Bslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration Plate ReviewThe Bslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult vibration plate is perfect for home gyms with a limited amount of space because it can be used for a variety of different exercises.

You can use it to tone up the body, lose weight or just improve your flexibility. In addition to a useful workout DVD, the Bslimmer vibration plate also includes free cords that you can use for many different types of exercises.

Because of the way it’s designed and the additional accessories it comes with, you can use this vibration plate for almost any type of exercise you can think of.

It’s very versatile, so it’s a good buy if you don’t have a lot of space toBslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration Plate Review work with. Keep in mind that the plate itself is quite large, so you will need some space to store it.

You will also need some free space around it to use it safely since you may be moving around your arms.

While it won’t get you results overnight, when used regularly the Bslimmer vibration plate can help you increase muscle tone and improve your health.

Bslimmer Colours PLUS Unisex Adult Vibration Plate ReviewHowever, you do have to be careful when using it. You can injure yourself if you have mobility problems or if you use it incorrectly, so that’s something you should consider before making up your mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while effective, it does take some time before you can start seeing results.

Like any other form of exercise, you need to combine using your vibration plate with a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle to see great results in your body and in your overall well-being.

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